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Retail Tips

The thing is, good quality cheap sunglasses offer a big chance for extra revenue virtually all year round.

Whatever the weather you need to be pushing sunglasses and yes even if it’s raining. One of my best summers selling sunglasses was the wettest in history and I realised that regardless of the weather people still want to look cool.

Try to match your sales pitch to the season as you’ll be surprised how many people are actually in the market to buy sunglasses i.e. for Skiing or driving etc. The light intensity in New Zealand remains quite high all year round and I don’t think there are many days a year that I dare go without my sunnies.

The trick is making sure that the sunglasses are in the correct location in your shop where customers can clearly see them. The best position would be on the counter where every customer would see them. I am actually surprised how many stores don’t utilise this prime location for making a quick up-sell. If you don’t want them on the counter top then put them somewhere they are easily accessible and very close to a mirror.

Display the sunglasses in the shop windows. Make sure people walking past your store know that you stock cool sunglasses. Use the mannequins or create your own display.

If you do this right and make a great window display you will get many impulse purchases from casual passers-by.

Display the price of the sunglasses. If you have a good price point for your sunglasses (which you should have if you’re selling iPOP Sunglasses) then I think it’s worth telling your customers.

I think it’s a mistake to keep the sunglasses behind glass where your customers can’t try them on without asking for assistance. Most customers won't bother asking you.

Finally remember to clean the sunglasses on a regular basis. Customers won’t buy a pair of glasses covered in dust. Use a micro-fiber cloth and give them a quick clean from time to time.