You may be wondering why everyone is talking about blue light glasses? Well, you can find out why here.

Blue Light

In our modern lives we spend many hours a week staring at screens from iPhones, iPads, desktops, laptops and TV. In fact the average office worker can clock up to 1700 hours a year looking at a screen of some description.

Not only that but in our downtime we end up looking at our phones or TV and sometimes both! Watching TV and sending text messages etc. We are addicted to our screens and we're getting a heavy dose of blue light all day long and right up until hit the hay.

Blue Light Lenses

The blue light can effect our bodies and minds and can cause headaches, eye-strain, insomnia, and other sleep related problems. So to help with these side effects of blue light you can pick up a pair of computer glasses or anti-blue light glasses which should alleviate some of the problems associated with prolonged screen time. Blue light glasses have lenses that cancel out the blue waves from the light.

There was a study published (By the University of Toledo) in The Guardian that found that digital blue light could speed up blindness. It was to do with the shorter wavelength and strength of blue light that could cause gradual damage to your eyes. But one of the main problems with blue light is that it affects your circadian rhythm.

What is Blue Light?

Blue light is everywhere and naturally occurs from the sun along with all the other light in the spectrum. The blue light waves help to keep us alert and wake up in the morning.

Does blue light effect sleep?

When the sun goes down and the light fades we start to produce melatonin which is the chemical hormone responsible for helping us fall asleep. These days we are exposed to artificial light all day and into the evening and exposure to any light would slow down the production of melatonin, the blue light is particularly bad as it keeps our minds alert.

In summary

If you are using a device for during the day and in the evening you would benefit from wearing blue light blocking eyewear. 

Other advice includes taking breaks, keep yourself hydrated, remembering to blink and if you are concerned about your eyes get them checked by an optician.  

Here's a link to hear more about blue light eyewear