What Are Polarised Sunglasses?

Polarised Sunglasses have unique lenses that reduce glare that is created by surfaces such as water, roads, snow and ice. It's best to eliminate glare as it distorts the light and colour. Reducing reflection is of great benefit particularly when skiing or driving and it allows us to avoid potential hazards. They can also help you see objects under the surface of the water which is of great benefit if you're fishing or boating etc.

In the past Polarised sunglasses were only available in a few colours such as grey but these days you can find them in a variety of colours. iPOP Eyewear currently stocks grey, green, brown and a variety of polarised mirror lenses , Clubmasters and classic frames.

So how do Polarised Sunglasses work?

The lenses are constructed in a different way to standard sunglasses. Polarised lenses are layered. They have alaminated filter which only allows vertical oriented light to pass through and the horizontal light is blocked which is why the glare is greatly reduced. These specialised lenses cost more to manufacture so the retail price tends to be a bit higher than the same frames with standard lenses.

In some cases you may not want to wear polarised sunglasses as they interfere with the visibility of LCD light that you find on digital screens. Although, having said that you probably won't be wearing sunglasses when sitting in front of a screen.

Are Polarised sunglasses worth the extra money?

In short yes they are. Polarised sunglasses are perfect for the outdoor lifestyle in New Zealand and we strongly recommend that you try a pair. We have Polarised sunglasses for both men and women.

Once you've tried them you'll never go back!