We understand the cyclical nature of the fashion world's importance and our exhaustive collection of men's vintage sunglasses is uniquely conceived to meet everybody's needs. So many stunning vintage eyewear styles are trending nowadays and on our online store you can find a matchless pair of retro sunglasses for any shape of face or appearance.

Whether you need sunglasses with coloured, darkened or polarised lens, you have come to the right place. iPOP Eyewear's range of vintage sunglasses impersonate the '60s, '70s, the '80s and the '90s in an exquisite way. We know that fashion trends come and go, but the sunglasses' models that were peculiar back then have become visionary role models today. Particular shapes of men's vintage sunglasses are in vogue as a fashion accessory, besides the preventing bright sunlight characteristic. The sunglasses' relevance within the industry of fashion has encompassed distinguished fashion editors' discussions of annual sunglasses trends and fashion shows that made sunglasses the elementary piece of a look.

Classic retro or vintage sunglasses are characterised by frames disclosing the '70s, '80s and '90s looks, including most of the time double bridges and thick rims. Aviators, round Teashades and Wayfarers are popular frame shapes that are associated with this style, but you can always give them a modern twist by changing the old school lens with something like mirrored Revo lenses. The influence of Hollywood and pop stars had a big impact on the sunglasses market, making particular eyewear trends become famous. Here are some examples.


Even though this model was introduced in 1936 for the U.S. military aviators gained popularity in the '70s,  when it was worn by Freddie Mercury and Paul McCartney among others. This period was followed by a decline of the Aviators popularity, but in the '80s appeared in movies like Top Gun and Cobra, followed by the MTV's show "Jackass" around 2000.


Called the "John Lennon glasses", the teashades sunglasses were often worn by pop icons as Mick Jagger, Liam Gallagher, Ozzy Osbourne and Boy George. Their popularity increased in the '70s due to their appearance in the film "Taxi Driver". They were also worn in movies like "Matrix", "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" and "Natural Born Killers". Recently, variations of this model have been used by Lady Gaga. These round sunglasses are not easy to find in shops nowadays, but can still be found at iPOP Eyewear.


Another model of men's sunglasses that became a benchmark is the Wayfarer  design. It was introduced in 1952 by Ray-Ban and worn by celebrities like James Dean, Bob Marley, Elvis Presley and The Beatles. Even though it was a frames design mostly popular in the '60s, it appeared in movies like "The Breakfast Club", "Blue Brothers" and "Mad Men".

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