Vintage Sunglasses in Understated Cool in overstated shapes and prints

In these rough economic times and with prolonged intense summers caused by global warming it’s often easier to convince customers to upgrade their wardrobe with a new pair of sunglasses than just about anything else. However, out there in the retail jungle we are offered an enormous variety of shapes, colours and styles that choosing the right pair isn’t always easy. With sunglasses trends swiftly moving forward each year you could easily end up wearing a pair of “clown shoes” by choosing sunglasses from the previous season.

So what sunglasses should be looking at buying this year?


Well, on the men’s side retro-sport influences will continue with looks from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s which means we will still see plenty of Aviators and Wayfarer sunglasses around in classic styles and with those with a modern twist i.e with colourful Revo mirror lenses wood like frames. Still popular are the G15 lenses (quite often real glasses which are dark green and look dead cool and if they are glasses G15 lenses then you can expect very clear vision with a surface that doesnt easily scratch.


Clubmaster and Round sunglasses lens shapes will gain momentum on the girls’ side with a continued focus on rich detailing in gold, silver and floral patterns.


We will see more crystal and translucent frame colours with satin finishes and subtle print textures. The transparent frame colours are easy to wear and the neon tones of last season will quickly slip away. Classic black and tortoise will always be a good choice but for those that don’t want to play safe there will be plenty of exciting choices. We expect to see crazy and bright lenses but with more subdued and refined frames. We still love our bright colours it’s just that we don’t always want all that attention.


Vintage styling is definitely still gaining strength and we will still see a strong influence from the Wayfarer sunglasses and Aviator shape. Oversized frames are still going strong but the trend for medium sized frames is a growing trend. So there will frames of all sizes showing up with characteristics from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Gradient lenses and tints consistent frame colour. One online store that has is always up to date with their sunglasses styles is iPOP Eyewear based in New Zealand. They’ve got the coolest collection of vintage shades (some genuine vintage) for around 15 US dollars a pop and will ship anywhere in the world. The average the retail price of a pair of sunglasses is 94 US dollars so iPOP Eyewear is really offering an amazing deal at $19 or less. IPOP is able to offer cheap sunglasses as they buy from large wholesalers and manufacturers overseas and there are no middlemen involved.


Sunglasses may do you plenty of practical favors, like keeping you from getting deep squint lines and protecting your retinas from UV damage but at the end of the day they’re a happy fashion accessory.  So blowing 94 dollars plus just isn’t a good in good investment when next season you’ll be need to update your look. Or like me, it could just be that you’ll have to replace your sunnies after sitting on them -And do you think expensive designer sunglasses stand up to the crush test better than the cheaper one? I don’t think so!