Fashion has changed quite a lot in the past few decades, but some things just manage to remain true classics. This is the exact case with the women's vintage sunglasses and more specifically the cat eye glasses that have managed to gain a following of their own through an extraordinary appeal and the astounding that they offer to the women wearing it.

Why are cat eye sunglasses so different?

The thing that makes these vintage sunglasses so unique is definitely their shape. They have an upsweep at their outer edges, specifically in the location where their arms are joining the frame. The main concept behind them is very different, and this is exactly what makes these glasses so unique and different when compared to the others on the market.

Because of that, these women's vintage sunglasses managed to spark interest in the fashion community and they have actually started to create their own trend.

When Were the Cat Eye Sunglasses Popular?

These Cat Eye Sunglasses appeared during the 1950s and that’s exactly when the peak interest for them appeared. Most of the time they were worn by the fashionable women and at the same time they were associated with the Beehive hairstyle. In fact, these vintage sunglasses were the predecessors of the bug eye glasses that made such an impact in the 1970s and beyond.

As expected, the womens sunglasses were worn by a variety of stars at their time, women that include Lisa Loeb, Marilyn Monroe, Dinah Manoff, Mary Whitehouse, Elizabeth Taylor and Bary Humphries. The reason why celebrities wore these amazing vintage sunglasses is because these products managed to bring something new, different and exciting at their time. It was something new and fashionable, so, pretty much like any other trend in today’s world, the vintage sunglasses immediately took off.

Are there many variations for these vintage sunglasses?

It’s important to note that even these women's vintage sunglasses had quite a wide range of variations, such as the interesting frame colours. From the tortoise shell to the super dark lenses, all of these different models have managed to help people express their feelings and ideals in a very expressive and definitely interesting way.

The Cat Eye Sunglasses have managed to integrate quite nicely with the fashion of the 1960s, which was focused on grandeur and appeal, but which at the same time has managed to continually improve and generate new ideas. Many consider the Cat Eye Sunglasses and the womens classic style sunglasses in general as being the icon or emblem for the said era, and they are definitely right.

These Cat Eye Sunglasses manage to express the natural look for a woman, but at the same time, like most of the vintage sunglasses, they are very fashionable and manage to enrich the social appearance of any person wearing them. For decades now, the vintage sunglasses have managed to set the tone when it comes to the look of any person, and they continually manage to be fashionable. Their distinct look and exquisiteness just manages to impress and because of that they are a must for any modern, fashionable woman!