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About iPOP Eyewear

iPOP Eyewear is located in Nelson NZ


iPOP Eyewear has been online in New Zealand since January 2009. iPOP started selling part-time on Trademe back in 2005 and in those days the business was run from the garage and it has now evolved into New Zealand's biggest online retailer of low cost sunglasses. We started with around 10 designs and now we have hundreds. 

Every order is shipped direct from Nelson, New Zealand and unlike other retailers that drop ship your order from overseas all our stock is here in Nelson so your order will reach you in 1-2 days.

All our sunglasses are hand picked from different suppliers the USA, Taiwan and China which is why you will not find a collection that compares in quality and value for money. The average price of our glasses is just $20.

All of our sunglasses are 100% UV and offer excellent protection from the New Zealand sun. There is no evidence to suggest that by spending more money you'll get better protection. On the contrary often cheaper sunglasses offer better UV protection.

As well as selling to public via the iPOP website and Trademe (ipop-eyewear) we also wholesale sunglasses to many stores in New Zealand. We are continually adding new sunglasses and blue light glasses to our collection so check back often.

Our most popular sunglasses at the moment are the Polarised glasses that have special laminated lenses to help reduce glare from reflective surfaces. Perfect for driving or sport etc.

If you have any questions regarding our sunglasses or blue light glasses drop us a line and we'd be happy help.

All sunglasses shipped from NZ