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Buy Quality Wholesale Sunglasses New Zealand

Wholesale Sunglasses New Zealand Shipped from Nelson

We deliver superb quality wholesale sunglasses consistently at unbeatable prices

We wholesale our sunglasses in New Zealand and beyond to gift shops, tourist centers, pharmacies, clothing stores, builders yards, market traders etc.

Pick n' mix the glasses however you like 
(minimum order $100)

With the right sunnies displayed on your counter you'll be amazed how many you can sell!

Our sunglasses offer UV400 protection and are manufactured to New Zealand, European, US standards

You'll be able to order directly from iPOP online and items are shipped direct to you from Nelson.

If you are overwhelmed with the choice of sunglasses let us know and we can help choose a suitable collection for your store.


Just register an account on iPOP and flick us an email and we'll load the wholesale prices.

Can't find the sunglasses that you are looking for? We only stock a small percentage of what's available from our suppliers  don't have. You can order from the catalogs below and deliver in 21-30 days. Also please note that these catalog sunglasses have a MOQ (minimum order quantity)of 6 per colour per style and your total order quantity must be over 100 pieces.

Bamboo and wood sunglasses Catalog

Fashion sunglasses Catalog 1

Fashion sunglasses Catalog 2

Fashion sunglasses Catalog 3

Fashion sunglasses Catalog 4

Wholesale sunglasses do not include the soft cases so please order separately (Find under accessories)

You can also contact us here if you have any questions or call us on: 021 187 7929

For tips on how best to sell sunglasses in your retail store see our Retail Sunglasses Tips

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UV400 Sunglasses at Wholesale prices. Fast NZ shipping